How To Wear An Ike Inc T-Shirt

August 04 2014, 0 Comments
Here at Ike Inc, we are very serious about fashion. So I thought I'd create a short guide on how to best exhibit your brand new Ike Inc t-shirt: 
  1. Buy an Ike Inc t-shirt (Real Genuine Fake pictured).
  2. Pair with sports shorts, tucked in and pulled up high. 
  3. Pull on your Dunlop wellington boots (oversized).
  4. Accessorise with a sweater tied round the neck.
  5. Slice palm of hand open carving a duck out of wood, with inappropriate tools. Bandage up.
  6. Top the look off with an Australian cork hat.
  7. Hike up to the top of a Deeside hill in adverse weather conditions (optional).
(Please note: This guide was created for amusement purposes only. Ike Inc in no way encourages self harm of any form, regardless of wood carving ability.)