• Stirling graduated in December 2016 from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, with a Master's Degree in Mechanical & Offshore Engineering. He is now working as a Project Manager in Construction, in addition to his artistic endeavours.
  • He launched a graphic t-shirt range, Ike Inc, in 2014, specialising in bold and innovative designs. In 2015, he discovered an aptitude for portraiture, and has since then developed his talent for creating subtle tones and precise detail; first through original works and latterly in commissioned work too.
  • Stirling is the grandson of the late Eric Auld, renowned North East artist - whose limited edition prints are available at www.ericauld.co.uk
  • Stay in touch with all of Stirling's updates and future releases via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or contact by email at stirling.i.smith@gmail.com.